Are there supermarkets near the campsite?
In the vicinity of the camp there are several grocery stores. The nearest supermarket is about 800 m from the campsite. By car you can reach the largest supermarket, which is located on the main road, about 2km away.
Can I bring my dog to the beach?
In general, it is not allowed to bring your dog to the beach. The bath No. 150, however, has an area specifically dedicated to our 4-legged friends.
Does the campsite have its own beach? What are the costs?
The beach in front of the camp is free, those who want to use the services of Baths (the closest Baths are Nos. 150 and 149), have to pay for them separately.
What are the accommodation characteristics?
In bungalows and mobile homes there is a basic set for cooking (composed of pasta pot, sauce pot, colander and bowl). We also provide broom and dustpan, scrubbing brush and mop.
One or more sets of linen (two sheets and pillowcase, double or twin); one or more kitchen sets (for 4-6 persons with serving dishes and bowls, glasses, cups, cutlery and coffee maker) can be rented at the price of 10 or 5 euro per day.
Is there a bar/restaurant inside the camp?
Yes, there is a bar/restaurant inside the camp. You can use the full board or the half board service.
Are the showers free? Do I need chips?
Hot and cold showers are free and there is no need for chips.
Is there Wi-Fi connection inside the camp?
Wi-Fi connection is present only in certain camp areas. To use it, you need to buy access codes (user name and password) at the camp reception desk.
What is the electric outlets power?
Generally, electric outlets have a 6 A power.
What are the services included in the accommodation for guests with mobile homes, caravans and tents?
The services included relate to the provision of electricity, toilets (not on pitches but in two common structures in the center of the camp) and entertainment for children.
Are the pitches shaded?
The poplar trees shading is thick in the entire campsite. However, it may be more sparse during the pruning.
Is it possible to rent bicycles or small motorbikes?
It is not possible to rent bicycles/motorbikes inside the camp. There are several rent-a-bike shops outside the camp, but there are not very near.
Are there safe boxes inside the camp?
There are safe boxes and they can be rented for 4 Euros a day or for 20 Euros per week.
Which payment modalities are accepted?
It is possible to pay in cash, with ATM card with all the major credit cards (VISA, MasterCard or American Express).
Can unaccompanied minors stay in the camp?
Minors can only be accommodated by presenting the following at check-in:
1- Valid personal document (identity card or passport)
2- A photocopy of a parent’s ID.
3- Authorization form, completed and signed by a parent (downloadable from the website).
Are dogs allowed inside the camp?
Dogs are generally allowed on the campsite. We always recommend the use of a lead and, in some cases, a muzzle. We also make the owners note that they need to collect the droppings of their dogs.
What are the working hours of the reception desk? Are there hours of silence to be observed?
The reception desk is open 24h a day. Entrances and registrations are only possible between 7.00 AM and 11.00 PM. During the day, there are no hours of silence, though after lunch it is recommend to respect for the peace of the neighbors.
During the night, however, the silence hours must be respected from midnight to seven in the morning.
Is the camp suitable for families or for young people?
The camp is located in an area suitable for both family tourism, due to the beach type and facilities that are located a short distance from the campsite, and for the youth tourism (several local pubs and clubs are a short distance from the campsite).
Inside the camp, there are then two distinct areas: one for families and one for young people, so as to ensure a kind of stay suitable for all needs.
Is the campsite located in a public transportation service area?
The campsite is easily accessible by bus number 11 from the Rimini railway station (Stop No. 33). From the Rimini Miramare railway station you can also walk to the camp (700 meters).
The distance from the airport is approximately 1.5 km.
What is the camp’s address?
Our camp is located in Miramare Rimini, Viale Principe di Piemonte 57.
What are the Check-in and Check-out schedules?
If you are sleeping in a tent, camper or a caravan, you can check-in between 7.00 AM and 11.00 PM, while check-out is between 7.00 AM and 12.00 PM.
As for the bungalows, mobile homes and apartments, check-in takes place between 6.00 PM and 11.00 PM, while the check-out is set between the hours of 7.00 AM and 10.00 AM. In any case, upon arrival it is possible to leave your luggage in a guarded place. Furthermore, if the structure you have booked is ready before 6.00 PM, we will be happy to provide you the keys immediately.

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